17 Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

17 Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

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Valentine's day is approaching with quick steps and you haven't found the best gift for your girlfriend or wife yet? Do you want to buy her a more unique gift this time, but can't think of anything that she would love?

If so, we are here to help!

Since we know how time-consuming finding a perfect gift can be, we made a list of carefully selected products that we believe can be ideal for your girlfriend or wife this Valentine's day.

Most of these items can be ordered effortlessly online from Amazon and you should have them delivered to you just in time, before February 14.

For all lovers, below is a list of romantic gifts that are trending this year. The list is mainly intended to be "for her," but some of the gifts have also a variant "for him" or can fit for both genders.  

1. Rose Flower Teddy Bear

Rose Flower Teddy Bear

These teddy bears made of roses are very popular this year. And we perfectly understand why; they are simply adorable.

The rose flower teddy bear is a perfect gift for anyone who loves roses and teddy.

All the flowers are artificial and the bears are in most of the cases, hand made. If handled properly, this is a gift that should last forever.

These bears made of roses come in many different sizes and colors. The most popular are the red ones, but we've also seen variations of red, pink, blue, white, burgundy, purple, tiffany blue, and other colors.

Therefore, if the favorite color of your loved one is among these, you can opt for a teddy bear of that color to make the gift even more special.

You can even choose a multiple-colored rose teddy bear like the one in the picture below.

Multiple colors rose teddy bear

Because these products are sold by various different companies, you have where to choose from.

Many come already packed in a nice plastic transparent gift box matched with the rose bear. 

Some companies even include Valentine's day cards, additional customizable greeting cards for any occasion, or even inflatable balloons.

You can even opt for models that are holding a heart made of roses of other colors, like the one below.

Rose Bear Teddy with Heart

The price depends on the size of the teddy bear. The larger the bear is, the highest the price will be. 

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2. Real Preserved Roses

Real Preserved Rose

Most women love flowers. If you know your girlfriend or wife is one of them, you can't go wrong with a preserved rose as a gift this Valentine's day.

Preserved roses are entirely made of real flowers and processed through a non-toxic preservation method which prevents the natural plant decaying.

Some of the most common requirements stated by the manufacturers of these product types are not to expose the roses to intense sunlight and not water the plants or keep them in humid environments.

If cared for properly, these preserved flowers will stay beautiful between 3 to 5 years, or even longer. To make sure you respect all the conditions, make sure you read the particular instructions given by the company you purchased the preserved flower from.

The preserved roses come in several color variations such as blue, red, pink, black, purple, white, etc. 

Preserved Real Rose Eternal Rose in Glass Dome

These are also available in different shapes, sizes, and unique packing styles and decorations.

Preserved Rose Gift in a Heart Gift Box

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3. Explosion Gift Box - DIY Photo Album

Explosion Gift Box - DIY Photo Album

Don't be intimidated by its name. Nothing is dangerous about this gift box. If you were expecting some explosions, sorry to disappoint you but that's not going to happen.

Basically, an Explosion Gift Box is a box that unfolds into a photo album with multiple layers, and a lovely design once you open it.

There are many designs you can opt for. Some contain additional boxes or containers inside, which enable you to include a ring, watch, bracelet, necklace, gift cards, or any other tiny gift for an extra surprise.

Once you have the box, you are the one who has to decide what photos or postcard you place inside. Therefore, be ready for a bit of DIY work and put your imagination to work.

If you are creative enough, you can create a unique and unforgettable story with the images you place inside.

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4. Laser Engraved Vintage Wooden Sunshine Musical Box

Laser Engraved Vintage Wooden Sunshine Musical Box

If your wife or girlfriend is more of a person that prefers vintage stuff instead of more modern gifts, this wooden musical box might be the perfect gift for this Valentine's day.

The awesome part is that unlike the modern musical boxes, this one doesn't need a battery since is 100% mechanical.

The box will play a portion of the "You are my sunshine" music track for as long as you keep turning the side lever. The melody is very calm and emotional and will impress even a person that doesn't know the original song.

Besides the beautiful vintage design, this box also comes with a predefined message engraved on the inside of the lid. Make sure you choose the box that suits your needs since there are several variations for dad-to-daughter, husband-to-wife, mom-to-daughter, mom-to-sun, and one with a general message that suits multiple occasions.

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5. Teddy Bear With Custom Message

Stuffed Teddy Bear With Custom Message

What makes this teddy bear a great gift for Valentine's day is the fact that you can order one with the name of the person you love written on its t-shirt.

Based on how big your love and your budget is, you can choose the size of the bear. The tiniest bear is 13 inches and the largest and most expensive is a 6-foot giant bear.

This is a thoughtful gift for all the bear lovers out there.

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6. Engraved Heart Fingerprint Necklace

Engraved Heart Fingerprint Necklace

If you want your loved one to have you with her everywhere she goes, there isn't a better and more unique gift than an engraved heart fingerprint necklace.

These necklaces are hand-made and your fingerprint will be engraved on the item. Therefore, there's no chance that the print to come off or fade out in time due to the everyday wearing.

The necklace is engraved on one side, but for an additional fee, you can have the necklace engraved on both sides.

If you are not a big fan of the heart shape, you can find several other designs from other sellers on Amazon. There are sellers that allow you to put your fingerprint on necklaces in the shape of dog tags, bars, rounded, etc. 

You can opt for a fingerprint ring if you don't want to get a necklace.

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7. Heart-shaped waffle maker

Heart Waffle Maker

How can you sweeten a relationship if not with waffles?

But do not buy a regular waffle maker! Instead, since it's a gift for Valentine's day, go for a waffle machine that makes waffles in shape of hearts.

You will definitely sweeten her heart with this gift, and if you are lucky, she might even want to share her waffles with you.

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8. Romantic Picnic Basket for 2 Persons

Romantic Picnic Basket for 2 Persons

What is better than a romantic picnic in two? With fresh air and in a quiet and peaceful place, a picnic it's a perfect occasion to forget about the stressful daily tasks and relax for a moment.

If you like to go out in nature and your half shares the same feelings, a picnic basket might be the perfect gift for this Valentine's day.

You can out for a 2-person picnic basket if you prefer to spend some alone time with your loved one. If you have children or if you like to go out with another couple, you should consider buying a 4-person basket.

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9. Jewelry Box CASE Storage Organizer

Jewelry Box CASE Storage Organizer

Does she have many pieces of jewelry? Then a jewelry storage box might be a perfect gift for her.

If she also travels a lot, this is an additional argument as to why she would enjoy this gift. Besides the main storage case, this box also includes a mini travel jewelry box that locks with a key.

This box has a special place for every jewelry type. Even though it may seem large when opened, when closed, it becomes very compact and doesn't occupy too much space.

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10. Heart-Shaped LED Light

Heart-Shaped LED Light

Show your love for her this Valentine's day with this lovely heart-shaped LED light figurine/statue.

All the items contain a love message for someone special in your life, etched into an acrylic heart-shaped mirror. This piece use batteries to light up the LED, and come up with a red rose base decoration. 

Because of the heart-shaped design, the love message, and LED light, this piece will look wonderful on a table where you serve a romantic dinner with your girlfriend or wife.

It also looks great as a daily home tabletop decoration.

Click here to order one from Amazon

11. 24k Gold Plated Rose

24k Gold Plated Rose

How about a 24K gold plated rose as your Valentine's day gift? Do you think there is someone who would not like this beauty?

Believe it or not, these are real roses, treated to prevent the natural decay process and then coated in gold. 

According to the little story found on their sales page, this type of roses was first created by a gardener as a gift for his girlfriend who loved roses but she hated the fact that they wither.

These roses are available in a multitude of colors, such as black, pink, yellow, blue, cream, gold, green, purple, and silver. The flowers come packed in an elegant gift box, on a nice stand.

This is a gorgeous and everlasting gift for her.

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12. 100 Languages I Love You Love Heart Projection Necklace

100 Languages I Love You Love Heart Projection Necklace

I'm sure you want your girlfriend or wife to know that you love her. Well, now you can tell her "I Love You" in 100 different languages.

Don't worry, you don't have to learn 100 new languages. This necklace will do the hard work for you.

To view the love messages, you have to use either the camera of your phone or to project the text on a surface using the flashlight function of your mobile phone. The method is better explained on the sales page of the product.

This necklace is available in many styles, so if you don't like the heart shape, you can simply order another one.

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13. Essential Oil Set

Essential Oil Set

Offer your loved one amazing aromatherapy relaxation sessions with this essential oil set that contains 18 of the most popular essential oils, with a 100% pure therapeutic grade.

Essential oils are known to relieve anxiety and stress, improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue and drifting thoughts, boost energy level, as well as having many other health benefits.

According to the seller, all the 18 oils in the recommended set are GC/MS certified and do not contain pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or other artificial and dangerous additives.

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14. What I Love About You Fill Fill-in-the-Blank Journal

What I Love About You Fill Fill-in-the-Blank Journal

This tiny gift journal contains fill-in-the-blank lines, depicting some aspect of your affection for the person you offer it to. Just fill each line the way you like and you have a uniquely personal gift.

Don't overthink the answers! You can make the phrases sound ridiculous or you can express your feelings about particular aspects of you and your partner's love life. Usually, saying stupid things or things that only you and your partner know about is much funnier.

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15. 3D Custom Moon Lamp With Touch

3D Custom Moon Lamp With Touch

This 3D moon lamp is a perfect gift for Valentine's day or for any special occasion in the life of someone you love.

You can choose to order one with a predefined message, or you can put your personalized message or a photo of you and the person you love on this item. This way, she will think of you every time she turns the lamp on.

You can easily switch between the yellow and the white light by touching the sensor. You can also adjust the light brightness by keeping your finger on the sensor until you are happy with the intensity.

Since it represents the moon, you can feel that love is in the air every time it is turned on. 

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16. Real Bamboo Happy Valentines Day Card

Real Bamboo Happy Valentines Day Card

She deserves more than a common greeting card. This Valentine's day, give her this special card made from real bamboo. This card will last for years to come and she will keep you in her mind forever.

You can offer this card in addition to another gift or standalone. 

This product comes with one greeting card where you can write exactly your thoughts and one pearl finished envelope.

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17. 3D Laser Etched Crystal LED Rose

3D Laser Etched Crystal LED Rose

Looking for a romantic gift for your partner? This is unmistakably one.

This charming 3D laser etched crystal LED rose looks amazing in every room. Besides that, it comes with four different colored LED lights that make this item look astonishing in the dark.

Even more, when you connect it to the power cord, it can also rotate.

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Final Thoughts

We know how difficult finding the perfect gift can be, so we hope we gave you some ideas on what gift to buy for her this Valentine's day.

Don't forget that not the price makes a great gift, but its meaningfulness and the feelings it evokes to the person who receives it.