11 Best Gifts For Pranksters

11 Best Gifts For Pranksters

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Are you looking for a gift for someone who likes to make jokes and play pranks on everyone? Here are 11 of the best gifts for pranksters.

If you aren't looking to offer these as a gift but you are that funny guy or girl who likes to play pranks and wants to pick these items for yourself, we're pretty confident that you'll find something you like.

We have compiled a list of crazy prank stuff and hilarious items that any prankster will love to have in his or her collection.

Not everyone is born a good prankster, but with the help of the right tools, everyone can become one.

Whether if you prefer the classical approaches like electrocution of friends with a shocking lighter, or if you prefer the more modern pranking items, such as the remote-controlled fart machine, we have something that you'll like.

Gifts For Pranksters

Our list of prank stuff covers various products. All of these items are available for purchase on Amazon.

These items are ideal for April Fools’ Day, for funny gag gifts, office pranks, and for playing tricks on your family members, friends, or work colleagues.

Anyone can become a professional prankster with these cool toys!

1. Spider Prank Scare Box

Spider Prank Scare Box Wood

Is anyone scared of spiders? I'm sure a person who doesn't like spiders.

This spider scare box will scare even the people who are not afraid of spiders. Give this box to the persons you want to prank and tell them there's a present inside, or just leave it on your coworkers' desks and let the curiosity take over. They will surely open it sooner or later.

This is a perfect prank item for April Fools Day, but this scare box can also be a great gag gift for birthdays or for Christmas. Just wrap the box in a nice gift paper and offer it to them. Only make sure that the person doesn't have a heart problem before because this spider scare box can be damn scary.

The way this works is pretty self-explanatory.

Someone has to slide the box top using the wooden bolt. When the box is half-opened, a rubber spider will then jump right on the opener's hand and hopefully will scare him terribly.

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2. Realistic Fake Poop

Realistic Fake Poop For Pranks

This fake poop looks extremely realistic. If you wouldn't know, you would surely think that this is real poop.

Whether you just put it on your friend's toilet seat, throw it in a pool, put it in someone's car, sneak it in your girlfriend's purse, or whatever's going through your head,  a poop prank is a classic, but never gets old.

Unfortunately, this poop doesn't float and it works better to be used on the toilet bowl. If you want one that floats, take a look at this one.

You can use a fake poop in so many scenarios that only the sky is the limit.

This soft rubber fake poop will help you to put together a great prank for a very cheap price. If you want to obtain a deadly realistic effect, you can use this item along with a fart spray.

Also, if you sprinkle the area near the poop with some chocolate milk, you will surely drive someone mad. No one will be able to tell that this is a fake rubber poop without touching it.

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3. Liquid Ass - Super-horrible Smelling Fart Spray

Liquid Ass - Super-horrible Smelling Fart Spray

Liquid Ass spray is a prank item that can be used individually or best in combination with a fake poop.

This product is highly-concentrated and smells super-horrible (this is probably the worst odor you have ever smelled). Once used, this extra–concentrated spray will fill the room with a strong smell combination of dead animals, farts, and fresh poo.

This spray is ideal if you want to evacuate a room full of people, to support the scene of a fake poop, or for any malefic prank.

The smell is usually persisting several hours, depending on the space where this is used and the airflow and room ventilation. The smell won't stay very long in open spaces or when it's deployed with a night before.

Don't use it in your own car, room, or anywhere where you don't want that horrible smell. Also, if you intend to use this prank stuff at your office, make sure the boss has a great sense of humor. Otherwise, you might probably lose your job.

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4. Remote Control Fart Machine

T.J. Wisemen - Remote Control Fart Machine No. 2

What's better for a good prank if not a fart machine?

T.J. Wisemen is a remote-controlled fart machine that works up to 100 feet away. It's powered by a 9-volt battery and can make 15 different and realistic fart sounds.

This item is great for playing a prank to your friends and family, in crowded spaces, on a bus, train, etc.

You can even attach the loudspeaker to one of your co-worker's chairs and play a prank at your office.

The fart sounds can be even triggered from a nearby room, as long as it's in the 100 feet range of the remote control.

Those 15 different funny fart sounds can be played pretty loud and will surely make all the people in the room to burst into laughter.

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5. Black Mamba Rubber Snake Toy

Black Mamba Rubber Snake Toy

Aren't your friends scared of spiders? Don't worry; you can scare them with a snake.

This Black Mamba rubber snake looks incredibly real and can even scare the bravest men.

Throw the snake on someone, put it in someone's bed, tie a fishing wire of snake's head and hook the cable's head on your friend's clothes and amuse yourself how they try to get rid of it. The possibilities of making a prank with a rubber snake are endless.

Besides using this item for pranks, as a toy for your children or for April Fools day, you can also use this soft rubber snake in your garden to scare birds or rodents. It's pretty useful for that kind of task and looks very real outdoor.

The Black Mamba snake is about 52 inches long (130cm).

If you don't like Black Mamba, you can always find a lot of other snakes breeds on Amazon.

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6. Fake Pregnancy Test (Always Turns Positive)

Fake Pregnancy Test That Always Turns Positive In Water

What can be more shocking for a man than the moment he finds out he's going to be a father?

Are you a girl and you just had enough of your boyfriend's pranks? This fake pregnancy test is the perfect payback.

This test will turn positive every time and it works with any liquid, including common tap water.

Absolutely no one will be able to tell this is a fake test. This product includes a professionally designed package, two sealed tests, and fake instructions so if someone has any doubts, you can just show them the box.

Don't use this product to prank ultra-sensitive boyfriends. They might burst into tears at the hearing of the news (of happiness or misery).

Unfortunately, this product is not suitable if you are a man who's trying to play a prank on his girlfriend. You just can't prank your girlfriend with a fake positive pregnancy test, so it's better to stick with the fake poop or a fake spider jumping from a box. That will definitely make her angry.

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7. Scary Tapping Peeper

Scary Tapping Peeper

Scary Tapping Peeper is a creepy decoration and a good way to scare the kids on Halloween.

Not only the fact that this looks incredibly realistic, but this window prop also can move the finger and tap on your window. It has a tiny piece of metal at the top of the finger so you can actually hear a sound when the figure taps the window. That's pretty creepy if you ask me.

Scary Tapping Peeper has a motion sensor that will activate the figure to hit the window three times. Likewise, it can be set to tap the window three times every 10 seconds regularly.

This is a great item to scare and play pranks on people that visit your house. It's also ideal to be given as a gift, and most obviously, as a Halloween decoration.

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8. Magic Disappearing Ink

Magic Disappearing Ink

The disappearing ink is every prankster's dream.

At first sight, the Magic Ink is a regular blue color ink. However, when you splash the ink onto fabric, it disappears entirely within a few minutes.

If you are a prankster, you can use this disappearing ink with a squirting pen.

Make your friends angry by pretending that you've accidentally dropped some ink on their clothes using the pen. The ink will disappear completely in a few minutes, and you will save your friendship.

Everyone will be stunned after the ink will fully disappear under their own eyes.

This ink will also make your children believe that you are a real magician.

Hey! What kind of magic is that?

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9. Shocking Lighter With Real Flame

Novelty Shocking Lighter With Real Flame

Whether if you use a shocking lighter, a pack of gum, pen, cigarettes, a Rubix cube or a fake mobile phone, seeing people electrically shocked never gets too boring or too old.

Besides being a cool item for pranks, the Novelty Shocking Lighter also has a real flame.

You can use this lighter to ignite your cigarettes without electrocuting yourself by using the ignition button in the back. However, when your friends try to light their cigarettes by pressing the usual button, they will be shocked by an electrical impulse.

No one will ever suspect the shock that is coming. Since this product also works as a regular lighter, nobody will have reasons to think that this is actually an item for pranking.

The shock this lighter delivers is might be quite powerful, so do not use this for little children or for people who have some heart issues.

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10. Panic Powder

Shomer-Tec Panic Powder

The Panic Powder is great for practical jokes and for messing with other people.

Shomer-Tec Panic Powder contains the same OC (Oleoresin capsicum, or Chilli extract) that is used in pepper sprays. The effect and the lifespan of this powder are lighter compared with the pepper sprays, but it's enough to do some quick damage.

This Panic Powder will make people feel very uncomfortable, and it's perfect to irritate the hell out of someone. It causes a sensation similar to the tear gas: choking, sneezing, coughing and burning eyes. Your victims will have no idea what hit them.

You can put this powder on someone's keyboard, phone screen, lighter, etc. You need to be careful with this dust because it's very concentrated.

When it's airborne, a small dose of this product is enough to make a small room cough and sneeze. Leave the room if you don't want to be affected.

Warning! Do NOT use the Shomer-Tec Panic Powder in schools, for pranking little children or people that have asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Use this with caution and in small doses.

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11. Exploding Golf Balls

Exploding Golf Balls

Is anyone passionate about golf?

These exploding golf balls are ideal to play a prank on your golf buddies.

These look like real golf balls but will explode and release a white powder when being hit. Don't worry, it's not a real explosion and no one will be hurt during your prank.

Just replace a real golf ball with this fake ball when your friend is distracted and wait for him to hit the ball. He definitely won't see this coming.

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Final Word

Whether you are a prankster who is looking for new material for his pranks or you are looking for the best gifts for pranksters, you should find what you are looking for.

Depending on the evilness level of your prank, you will surely make the people laugh or hate you. Some of these items are also great for Halloween and April Fools Day.