Q: How do I order a product from your shop?

We use several external companies to print our designs to real products and have them sent to you. Our store is used as a portfolio to showcase these products, but we do not sell these items directly to customers.

All the products listed for sale on our shop page are sold via several different print-on-demand platforms, which are separate from our business.

When you click on the "buy button" of each product listed in our shop, you are leaving our website www.original.gifts and you are taken to the platform that sells that particular product. The payment, shipping, refunds, and customer support is handled entirely by the company that owns the platform.

We do not get access to any information related to your order.

Q: Are the companies that sell your products reliable?

We do our best to use only the most well-known and reliable companies to print our designs and have the products shipped to you as fast as possible. If you have any concerns about any of the companies we work with, please let us know.

Q: I want a refund. What should I do?

We are using several different companies to print our designs on real merchandise. Therefore, in case you are not happy with your order for a particular reason and you decide to ask for a refund, you have to contact the support team of the platform you have purchased the product from.

Since these are distinct companies, they all have different return policies, a different time frame when you can ask for a refund, and different terms and conditions.

We encourage you to read the terms of each platform before you place your order.