About Us

Original.gifts is an online gift shop and a community with the mission to help you find the perfect gifts for every occasion.

Whether you are looking for a cool gift or just a new funny t-shirt to wear yourself, original.gifts is here for you.

On our blog, we publish gift list ideas for a variety of holidays and events when people exchange gifts. We do our best to research and find original products that best suit a theme or a particular event and we compile these into awesome inspiration lists in order to make your gift research process easier.

Besides thinking about creative gift ideas, we also create awesome graphic designs and personalized messages and get them printed on real products that you can see in the shop section of our website.

All the designs we make are printed and delivered by several POD (print-on-demand) companies that we work with and trust. We list these products in our shop section for presentation purposes only. For each of our listings, we place a link to the platform(s) where you can purchase these items from.  For more info concerning this topic, please read our terms and conditions page.

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We try to be as active as possible on these accounts and we try to post new content as often as our time allows it.