55th Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

55th Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

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Is a special man in your life turning 55 and you don't know what gift to get for him yet? We've got your back!

Because we want to make your gift-finding task easier, we made this list of 55th birthday gift ideas for him.

Since we don't know whether this special person is your husband, your father, your brother, a relative, a neighbor, a co-worker, or a friend, we have only included gifts that fit any person in one of these categories.

What is the perfect gift for a man who's turning 55?

While we'd like to be an exact pattern in choosing the perfect gift for the 55th birthday of a man, there isn't.

There are many factors which you need to consider when it comes to choosing a gift. Things like someone's hobbies, favorite sports teams, emotions, character traits, can help you find a meaningful gift that someone will enjoy.

Keep in mind that while someone may love a particular gift, someone else may absolutely hate it.

Usually, 55 is an age where most people learn to appreciate the gifts with a deeper meaning. Therefore, funny gifts might not be that proper for anyone in this age range. There are also exceptions from the rule, of course.

Many of the gifts we have picked for this list are suitable for a middle-age group, but not exclusively for someone who's turning 55. The majority of the items can also be a great gift for men over 45.

Read our gift-buying guide for more directions on choosing the perfect gift. 

55th Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

We did a bit of research and handpicked several products that we think many men would love to receive as a gift for their 55th birthday.

1. Audio Cassette To MP3 Converter

Audio Cassette To MP3 Converter

If he's in his 50s, he probably spent most of the youth years listening to his favorite bands on audio cassettes.

If he still keeps a box of audio tapes but has no way of listening to them again, offering him an audio cassette to mp3 converter might be the best meaningful gift.

This gift will surely bring back countless wonderful feelings, just as he experienced many years ago when he used to listen to those cassettes for the first time.

This device can be used both as a walkman, but also to capture the audio to an MP3 format with the help of a laptop or a computer. The file resulted can then be rendered on any modern device, like a laptop, iPod, iPad or any mobile device.

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2. Neck and Back Massager with Heat

Neck and Back Massager with Heat

We live in a time when many of us have a sedentary lifestyle. Some of us spend many hours in front of a computer or on a chair. Others perform various tasks that are very tiring for the back and cervical spine. 

Moreover, as you grow older, back and neck pains occur more and more frequently.

Therefore, what would be a better gift for a 55 years old man if not a neck and back massager with heat to offer him aches-free relaxing moments?

Even if the recipient doesn't have any back problems, this item is also incredible for relaxation massages. This massage pillow can relieve muscle soreness and alleviate acute pains.

It is also a great gift for someone who travels a lot since it's portable easily fit in a tiny bag.

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3. Wooden Watch

Analog Wooden Wrist Watch For Men

Men love watches and you can never go wrong with a wristwatch as a gift.

But if you want to make the gift a bit more special why not choose a wooden watch?

Wooden watches are very trendy right now and besides their luxurious and elegant look, they also feel very lightweight and comfortable. In fact, the wooden band feels much better upon the skin than metal bands.

These original watches are made from several wood types or bamboo and are available in many color shades with diverse modern or classic designs.

We are sure any man would love to receive such a wonderful watch as a birthday gift.

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4. Leather Journal Gift Set with Antique Leather Bookmark + Pen

Leather Journal Gift Set with Antique Leather Bookmark + Pen

Many people like to keep a journal of the important things in their life. 

This set is not a good gift solely for someone who turns 55. The handmade leather cover and the stylish pen that comes with it give this item a luxurious look, which makes it a perfect gift for many persons.

Among others, it's an excellent gift for journalists, writers, students, bosses, teachers, or people who like to travel.

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5. Universal Socket

Universal Socket Grip, Multi-Function Ratchet Wrench Power Drill Adapter

Trying to find a gift for someone that has every tool? Chances are they don't have this!

Most men like tools and many times these prove invaluable to have around the house. Someone that uses tools frequently can easily recognize the true value of a good one.

A great gift for someone that falls into this category is this universal socket that can replace a whole socket set.

This handy socket is gold for the collection of tools of any handyman. Even though you might not realize its worth, a true craftsman will appreciate it.

Basically, with this universal socket, you can tight and unscrew any standard 1/4 to 3/4 inch nuts and bolts without constantly switching for a different socket (which can be a real pain).

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6. Eyeglass Holder

Handmade Wooden Nose Shaped Eyeglass Holder Stand with Mustache

If he wears glasses, a not very expensive gift is a glasses holder.

Besides its obvious usefulness, this distinctive eyeglass stand will look awesome as a decorative item. Due to their numerous models and color varieties, these items can be easily integrated into the design of any room.

Puppy Dog Glasses Holder Stand Eyeglass

Some are simply hilarious, while others are more artistic.

These stands can also be used as a support for sunglasses.

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7. Whiskey Glass Set of 2 + Chilling Stones

Whiskey Glass Set of 2 - Bourbon Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Are you looking for the perfect 55th birthday of someone who likes to enjoy a good whiskey, scotch or other alcoholic drinks at home?

If so, this whiskey glass set of 2 might be the perfect gift for him.

This set has a luxurious aspect and includes two high-quality drinking glasses, eight granite rocks to chill your drink with, a velvet bag, 2 slate coasters, and tongs. Everything comes in a premium crafted elegant wooden box.

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8. Beard Trimmer Kit or Adjustable Safety Razor

Beard Trimmer, Hair Clipper, Ear and Nose Trimmer, Body Groomer, Detail Trimmer

Any man needs a good beard trimming kit or an adjustable safety razor.

If he usually has a beard, then a trimming kit would be probably more fitting. Otherwise, if he's usually shaving, then a double edge adjustable safety razor like the one below would be a more suitable gift.

VIKINGS BLADE The Crusader Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

The advantage of the grooming kit is that it can also be used to remove the hair in the nose or the body hair.

However, many men still prefer to use a safety razor.

If you decide to buy a safety razor as a gift, we recommend you to not purchase the most inexpensive one if you don't want your gift to look poor.

There are many brands available for safety razors and the prices can vary quite a lot from one to another. Two of the most well-known and reputable brands of safety razors are Vikings and Parker.

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9. Gardening Tool Set

 Garden Tool Set, 12 Piece Aluminum Hand Tool Kit

Many people after the age of 50 find a passion for gardening.

Some want to eat healthier vegetables, others just need something with which to occupy their spare time, and others find in the garden a quiet place where they can reflect over their thoughts.

You can't be a true gardener without the proper tools, right?

A gardening tool set is a valuable asset for anyone who likes spending his time around plants. At the same time, it might be a great and useful gift for any gardener.

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10. Fire Lighter

Plasma Windproof arc Lighter Electric Lighter and LED Flashlight

Do you think a fire lighter is only useful for smokers? Think again.

There are many other uses for a lighter apart from igniting a cigarette.

For instance, a fire lighter might be a great asset for campers, hikers, travelers, or any adventurer. 

If the lighter can do additional tricks, then it can also become a great gift for anyone from one of the categories mentioned before.

Regardless of their age, men never get enough of playing with toys. That's probably why many of them love the multifunctional items that can do cool things.

Wondering what can be cool at a fire lighter except its ability to ignite a fire? Well... let's see.

How about an electric outdoor lighter that can be recharged via USB, which is also a flashlight, is waterproof, and besides, it looks really cool?

The recipient isn't too much of an adventurer or a smoker? There are also lighters with sports teams and various other themes you can choose from.

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Final Word

Hope this list will give you several ideas for what gift to buy for his 55th birthday.

Remember that the more you know the recipient, the easier it will be for you to choose the gift that suits him the best.